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No one should ever try to life heavy furniture on their own, and you should always call piano movers even when you're moving the instrument from one room to the next. This is for your safety and for the safety of the instrument, as the slightest jarring can mean damage to the components inside and out.Of course you also want to consider professional piano movers for any type of move for the safety of your house. Because of their weight, even with furniture moving pads underneath their legs, these instruments can scratch wood floors and tear up carpeting very easily. You can also scrape them against walls and around doorframes if you're not careful, and the repair bills you face and be much steeper than the fees charged by professional piano movers.When you need to hire piano movers, what do you do? How do you find these companies and what makes one the better choice for you? While chances are most will do an excellent job of moving your items, there are some considerations you may want to keep in mind before you hire piano movers for yourself.

Get a specialist.

A few strong people with strong backs and furniture dollies can probably handle moving your furniture, but you should always hire piano movers in particular when you need to move one of these. That's because these instruments need to be handled carefully and in a specific way so as to protect them. They are usually wrapped inside and out so that the strings and all other components are protected. The best piano movers have experience in handling pianos specifically, not just furniture overall.When you shop online for piano movers, use that phrase in particular. This will mean finding movers that know how to prepare the instrument for the move and won't simply treat it like another piece of heavy furniture. If you use the phrase piano movers when you search, you'll see better websites in those results. You won't need to hunt and filter through the movers that don't handle these instruments and this makes your search quicker and easier, and more effective.

Getting quotes.

To get quotes from piano movers, they'll need to know the type and size of the instrument and the distance it's being moved. For instance, there is obviously a difference in size and weight between an upright and a grand piano, and there will be differences in pricing for moving it from one city to the next or moving it up a floor of your townhouse. To get proper quotes from piano movers, be sure to have this information on hand and readily available and then you can get a better quote and get it quickly.Remember that sometimes a few extra dollars is worth getting nationally known piano movers with a good reputation. This will mean protecting your instrument and ensuring its safe arrival. The right piano movers will make the difference in this.


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