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    Need to relocate art or move other special goods for an auction or an Exhibit?

    American Best Moving Services Inc. offers convenient services for all types of moving including industrial moves and fine arts exhibits, both for private companies and museums.

    Take a look at how all your specialized transportation needs are met– from our drivers who are trained to transport show exhibits, to climate-controlled, air-ride suspension vans for moving fine art and sensitive electronics with the utmost care.

    We understand the importance of on-time service for delivering exhibit properties. With exhibit space booked, customers arriving, and hundreds of thousands of dollars frequently on the line, it’s critical to make sure your transportation is managed with the utmost care and efficiency.

    Our exclusive Fleet is dedicated to doing just that– delivering trade show properties on time, safe, secure, and within budget. As a family-owned business, the American Best Moving fleet of committed drivers is one you can trust to do the job right every time.

    American Best Moving drivers are:

    • Trained to handle your trade show exhibit to the point of delivery on the show floor
    • Have extensive experience in the handling and transportation of trade show properties
    • Have knowledge of show-site protocol and etiquette

    Our Foremen:

    • Coordinate with drivers to ensure that all shipments arrive on-time and in good condition
    • Coordinate with the people at each point of the move to ensure that the loading and unloading go smoothly
    • Are ready to handle any problem that may arise
    • Are fully trained to assist with fine art moves and other specialized requirements
    • Have been trained to use the correct packing equipment for the job
    • Are easily recognizable by their professional American Best Moving uniforms
    • Are courteous and polite

    American Best Moving Equipment:

    • State-of-the-art trailers
    • Air-ride vans with a suspension system that guarantees safe transport
    • Power lift gates
    • Wide doors, also located on the side, for heavy and large pieces
    • Climate-controlled trucks, (storage facility, if needed), to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels inside the van to protect sensitive cargo

    Additional Moving services:

    • Specialized packing materials and service
    • Warehousing available
    • Component consolidation
    • Uncrating/assembly/debris removal

    Whether you’re moving high-value electronics, sensitive computer equipment or delicate works of art, American Best Moving relocation services has the transportation capabilities you need. Our climate-controlled fleet is specially equipped to control and continuously monitor the climate inside the van. Other features of this service include:

    Climate Control Features . . .

    • Specific temperature and humidity levels can be set
    • Periodically throughout the trip, the on-board computer system measures and records these temperature and humidity levels
    • A record of these climate readings is available to you when your shipment arrives, so you can verify that the proper environment has existed en route

    If you have any questions, please contact our Fine Art relocation department at
    1- 818-988-0816