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    Moving can be stressful and very emotional, all the items you have bought throughout the years willbe loaded by proffecionals into a truck.

    Regardless you have very few things of a lot of items it will take time and lots of patience and care to pack all your brlongnings carefully and safely so all your goods remain in good condition throughout the move that is why at American Best Moving and Stoarge have devised few good tips to make your move a very smooth one. These tips will help you safe money and make sure you hire the right company to do the job. 

    1.- Make sure your mover has all proper insuarnces and licenses. 

    2.- It is always recomended to purchase additional coverage

    3.- All furniture has to be wrapped properly with blankets and rubber bands, avoid using tape this will ruin your furniture is the mover are not careful. 

    4.- Have the movers cover your floors with runners.

    5.- Make sure that everything is packed and ready to go before the mover show up on the moving date

    6.- It is always better and cheaper to move few extra boxes than having many loose items all over the house.

    7.- Label each box. 

    8.- At the new house make sure that all items are delivered to its proper place.

    9.- Keep an eye for damages and report them inmediately to the driver or foreman.

    10.- If damages ocurr make sure that you write them down on the bill of lading. 

    11.- Once the truck is empty make sure you go inside and check for possible items left by mistake. 

    12.- Be nice to the men, they have all your goods, they will always apreciate gratuity.