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    American Best Moving & Storage Recycling Program 

    Getting rid of moving boxes in L.A.

    That profound moment when the last moving box is unloaded, the move is finally over, the house is now unpacked and you are now ready to start a new life.  Just when you are about to breathe a sigh of relief, a worrying reality sets in.  A mountain of boxes with no place to call home stares at you!

     Who in L.A. has the best practices when it comes to recycling Moving Boxes?

    Tracking down all those boxes that you used to move is a tough process while getting rid of them is even tougher. Throughout the years, City of Los Angeles Sanitation Department has handled a fair share of recycling moving boxes in L.A.

    Recycling moving boxes saves you the pain of trying to fit them into trash cans and most importantly it is eco-friendly. Simply flatten them and stack them into piles of the same size bound together and keep them ready for collection.

    Do not forget to remove any tapes or pins from the boxes.  Go ahead and schedule a collection date with the City of Los Angeles “Move in/Move out” box pickup service by simply calling the Department of Sanitation for LA at 1-800-773-2489, dial 0. This service is absolutely free.

    Where to find recycled moving boxes and Supplies in Los Angeles

    Moving is best described as one stressful and nerve wrecking activity that leaves you drained emotionally and physically.  However, it does not have to be so if you follow the right packing steps as structured by our America Best Moving and Storage team.

    Some people opt to involve themselves in the whole moving and storage process.  Others prefer to hire professional movers to handle everything for them.  Whichever way you may choose to do it, you are for sure going to need lots of boxes. It is advisable not settle for anything less than specially designed recycled moving boxes from American Best Moving and Storage.

    What to look for when looking for the right recycled moving boxes?

     You must be specific about the maximum size and weight the box can take.  This helps you pack the right number of items accordingly. In return, you are assured of a damage free shipment. America Best Moving and storage sales representative will guide you through this provided you answer the simple questions that they will ask you correctly. 

    Alternatively, you may opt to settle for America Best Moving & recycle Los Angeles certified recycled moving kits which are quite handy and affordable. Inside the kit you will find different sizes of moving boxes and other necessary moving supplies that guarantees safety and convenience during transportation. The supplies include tapes, markers, bubble wrap, and packing paper.  American Best Moving and recycle moving boxes offers both small and large kits.   Better still is the space that has been set aside purposely to fix your labels.

    You can always visist our website at www.americanbest.net for more information. 

    Why the need for specially designed American Best Moving & recycled moving boxes in Los Angeles.

    American Best Moving & recycle moving boxes are all certified to ensure complete safety of your precious items. These specially designed boxes reduce the amount of risk related to damages during transportation.