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    How to Recycle Your Moving Boxes After You Use Them in LA

    American Best moving sells moving boxes and supplies that are made from recycled materials.To keep our planet healthy and to make your life easier after you move, American best moving  recommends to either re-use your moving boxes or recycle your boxes after you move.  

    Have you ever moved into your new home and ended up with tons and tons of empty boxes that you didn’t know what to do with?

    The City of Los Angeles Offers a FREE Move In, OR Move Out Service of LA Moving Boxes 

    If you live in the City of Los Angeles and currently receive the city’s trash and recycling service, then you can take advantage of a wonderful moving boxes recycling program in LA. The City of Los Angeles offers a 1 time a year “Move In” OR “Move Out” pickup of moving boxes from a residents home. With this free program, you can place all your Los Angeles moving boxes at curbside and have them picked up for no charge.


    How to Prepare Your Moving Boxes for Pickup

    To make sure that the City of Los Angeles picks up your moving supplies Please make sure that you remove all of the moving tape from all of the boxes and flatten all of the boxes out. Place all the cardboard moving boxes at curbside. 

    You Must Schedule an Appointment to Have Your Los Angeles Moving Boxes Picked Up

    In order to take advantage of this free program, you must call the city and make an appointment for the City of Los Angeles to pick up your moving boxes If you do not call and place your cardboard boxes outside, they either will not be picked up, and potentially could even be fined. 


    To schedule a City of Los Angeles “Move in/Move out” box pickup service, call the Department of Sanitation for LA at 1-800-773-2489, dial 0.

    Need Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies in Los Angeles

    Order your supplies and moving supplies by size of home. which includes certified moving boxes in Los Angeles,  and moving supplies needed to pack the size of home you have.  You can also buy moving boxes in  a bundle without supplies. Simply answer three questions and we will recommend the right box kit size for you. No fuss and no muss!