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    #1 Moving Service Recommended! – We want to thank American Best Movers for doing a fantastic job with our move.

    The professional movers at American Best Movers were quick, but also careful. They were courteous and experts at moving small and large furniture. The customer service follow up was also top notch after the moving service was completed. 

    American Best Moving service’s prices are reasonable in comparison to other movers we spoke to- and we found value in aligning with a company who has been around for a long time, and is experienced and credible.

    We would definitely recommend you and your team at American Best Movers to companies and individuals in need of moving services.




    Great Stress-Free Moving Experience – We just had a move last week by “American Best Moving Company” and it was the BEST Experience we’ve ever had moving and we have moved a lot!! They were polite, organized and from the moment they walked in we knew the worry of moving was out of our hands and into theirs. They wrapped all our furniture, TV’s, Computers, Pictures ETC and this is the first time we’ve never had any damaged items on a move which is huge! We had 5 closets full of clothes and they packed and rehung everything perfectly. A stress free experience! We hope we don’t move again, but if we do we will call American Best Moving Company



    We chose American Best Moving Co to do a move from high rise apt to high rise apt. Our selection of this company over about 5 others was based on their honest and helpful approach. They were very up front about what they would do to wrap our breakable items such as mirrors, pictures, vases, etc. and were willing to blanket wrap just about everything at no additional charge beyond the time it took. Blankets for wrapping were free. This was a big savings since many of the other companies had significant charges for “crating”, “bubble wrapping” and “stretch wrapping” each breakable item. These charges can often be higher than the value of the item being moved! American Best did not charge us a single penny for wrapping/packaging our items and they crated our mirrors, glass table tops, and pictures using cardboard boxes that we furnished and with our tape!

    Since I supplied the cardboard and tape, we were charged only for the time it took, as agreed in the contract. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES! We paid the rate per hour for the time it took, that is all!


    They moved three glass top tables, 9 wall mirrors, and 4 large glass vases all without us having to pack any of these items before they arrived and without any extra charges!

    They pre-arranged a time and arrived on time the day of the move and contacted us by phone as they were arriving to coordinate.

    The two men were very personable, clean, and professional and they performed our move with care and concern for our posessions.



    Wonderful – This is my first time using movers. I needed a refrigerator to be moved and had one problem in moving it. In order to get the refrigerator out of the kitchen they had to lift it over the counter. The space between the counter wasn’t wide enough. The movers were so helpful in trying to move it without lifting it. David took off the small counter top which was just lying on top of the cabinet and gave them a little more space. That was great thinking. They opened the freezer door so they could slide it through the opening but the refrigerator door had to come off. Sadly they didn’t have the right tool to remove the door. They wrapped it and had to lift the refrigerator anyway. They were great, friendly and professional. I would recommend them David and Jimmy.


    Wonderfull service – I wanted to say thanks for the service, the move you did for me was great and I appreciated the hard work, I wanted to say thanks toi Sheldon and Mike, the two guys who packed for me.

    Doesn’t Recommend

    over a year ago


    Really Great! – This was the first time ever using movers. I was very nervous after doing so much research and reading reviews and hearing about all the horror stories of moving. The guys were promptly at my door at 8am. Very friendly and professional from beginning to end. Took good care of my furniture which I was worried about because I have light colored suede sofas. Not a spot on them. The only reason they don’t get 5 stars is because it took a little longer than I anticipated. However, I don’t have any other experiences to compare it to so take that with a grain of salt. All in all, fantastic. I would definitely recommend and use them again myself.


    I’m Very happy with the services they provided!!! – It is my opinion that American Best Moving is one of the best moving companies I have used since the last time I moved. I had had bad experiencias before with moving companies. I want to let Alex (the owner) know that I am very happy with his service and that his crew was very polite, very helpful, very professional, I have no complaints regarding my move and that I will use them again with no doubt. I am very surprised to read the comment of Mr Steve since I don’t have anything bad to say about American Best Moving. My friends recommended me to call ABMS because they also had a wonderful job done by this company.

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